So bearing in mind that Christmas is next week (eek!), it's strange to think that until a few days ago I hadn't even given it a second thought as to what I wanted for Christmas. When my brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas I panicked and immediately had a look online to find him anything I could that he might want to buy me for Christmas! Here are some of the products I came across that I have wanted to buy throughout the year however have never got around to getting and would thoroughly enjoy getting under my Christmas tree this year! (FYI - slight palette obsession..)

A contour and eyeshadow palette in one? This palette speaks for itself.

My recent visit to London I ended up being torn between these and the Louis Vuitton Frontrow Sneaker, after being told that the last pair in my size was a display pair I quickly decided on the Louis Vuitton sneaker however have been obsessing over these from the moment I left them behind.

I smelt this perfume at my recent visit to Louis Vuitton and fell absolutely in love with the smell and how unique it was.

No words necessary to express how beautiful this palette is!

Having purchased Naked Palettes 1-3 it seemed unnecessary buying a fourth.. however if it is being gifted then who am I to say no!

I hope you have enjoyed my first (of many) blog posts. 
Sophie xx

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